OSCAR Features That Require Javascript
(and Possible Workarounds)

The following features in OSCAR require that javascript be enabled in your browser. Where workarounds are available, they have been noted below.

Searching and Browsing

Advanced Search
The Advanced Search requires javascript. You can perform similar searches on the Simple Search page without javascript.
Patron Ratings
Patrons are allowed to rate materials on a 1 to 5 scale from either a list view of search matches or from an individual record. This feature does not work at all without javascript enabled.
Saving Records
Patrons can save records for exporting them as a batch later from either a list view of search matches or from an individual record display. Without javascript, only the Save Record button on the individual records will save a record. The Save Record button on the list view of search matches will not work without javascript.

My Library Account

View/Edit My Holds
Cancelling holds does not function without javascript.
View/Edit My Ratings
Deleting individual, marked ratings does not function without javascript. Deleting all ratings does work without javascript enabled.
Items Borrowed
The Renew All and Renew Marked features do no function without javascript. Call your home library's circulation desk to renew your items.
Preferred Searches
The Apply Changes feature does not work without javascript. You can view your saved searches, but you cannot edit or delete them.
Edit My Account
The Cancel button on the new window that opens does not work. The Close Window button that is on the successful completion page does not work. In both cases, you should just close the new window.

Interlibrary Loan

Auto-fill ILL Request Information
The auto-fill feature that will insert your citation information into the appropriate fields in an ILL form depends upon Javascript. You will have to manually enter your citation information.
Checking for Required Information
Certain fields on the ILL forms are required. If you submit the form without filling in these fields, the form will reload with all of your citation information cleared. See above for information on the auto-fill feature.